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Dear Customer,

How to  Order or Register a Domain Name.   Please follow the following steps.

  1. Go to https:/ Search for your domain name and add to cart the domain you want to buy.

  2. Searching a domain name example type in " or" or any TLD such as .org,  .in ,, or other you want to purchase.  Click the search button.

  3. Click on the checkout button.

  4.  Click and Choose additional services you want with the domain name.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Review the Order and Total Amount.

  7. Then Click and Checkout.

  8. Sign-in or Register the details and create an account. If a new user/customer registration, you must confirm your email address, please check the email you receive from the system. If already a customer then login with your email and password.

  9. Make Payments and Place an order.

  10. Upon placing an order would be further reviewed for offer eligibility by the activation team. System eligible orders are executed and activated immediately.

  11. You will receive an email from the system on your registered emails, please follow the instructions in the emails.

Thank you & Regards

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